Aircraft Management

Solutions for Individuals and Corporations

Thunderbird Aviation’s aircraft management solutions leverage our 55 years of industry experience to maximize value for aircraft owners. We understand the investment required to purchase and maintain an aircraft and employ a highly skilled and knowledgeable team committed to controlling the fixed costs of ownership while continually exceeding your expectations. Thunderbird Aviation can oversee all maintenance, crew training and staffing, as well as provide substantial economies of scale in the purchase of fuel, parts and storage while ensuring that your asset is operated safely and in compliance with all applicable FAA regulations. As a certificated DOT Air Carrier, TBDA360I, Thunderbird Aviation can also offer the opportunity to offset ownership costs through charter revenue.

Thunderbird Aviation has been in business for over 50 years and our steadfast commitment to safety and meeting our clients’ needs can provide the confidence that our Company can deliver a superior product and experience to our owners EVERY time. Our Operations Control Center is staffed by FAA licensed aircraft dispatchers and each owner is assigned to a concierge services representative that can personally arrange all your travel needs and create a memorable travel experience.