Charter Offset

Thunderbird-Aviation-Charter-OffsetOne of the most advantageous strategies for mitigating costs associated with aircraft ownership is to place your airplane on our charter certificate. This will put the management and operation of the aircraft in the hands of a professional management team to generate revenue from under-performing assets on charter flights when not in use by the owner.

One of the major benefits of chartering your aircraft is the hourly rate paid back to the owner by the charter company for use of the aircraft. The aircraft owner can set the maximum amount of charter flight hours they would like per month. In many cases the revenue earned from charter hours will more than cover the operating expenses of the owners’ personal flights.

Part 135 Certification Benefits

Placing an aircraft in FAR Part 135 service with an experienced, professional management company like Thunderbird Aviation alleviates many of the regulatory compliance, maintenance, and operational expenses normally assumed by private aircraft owners. The FAA charter conformity process, in compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations, provides for a more demanding maintenance schedule. In addition, a professionally trained and FAA Part 135 certified flight crew allows owners to make their aircraft available for hire when not in use for personal travel.

Flight operations, maintenance and training are held to a higher standard under FAR Part 135 than it is under traditional FAR Part 61 and Part 91 standards, where the aircraft is not chartered. For many aircraft owners this higher standard provides additional peace of mind.

Thunderbird Aviation already manages a fleet of aircraft. By purchasing models similar to the types we operate, new owners could save significant amounts, as we already have the necessary technical manuals, trained pilots, and experienced maintenance technicians on staff.

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