Saturday, September 10 | 1pm-2pm CT | What Does A Mechanic Look at During an Annual?

Paul Bloch, Director of Maintenance at Thunderbird Aviation, will discuss the “inspection cards,” the required areas that must be looked at during an Annual Inspection. He will help you manage your annual, so it doesn’t overwhelm you!

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Saturday, October 8 | 1pm-2pm CT | 91.213 – How to Determine Airworthiness with Inoperative Instruments or Equipment – With MEL and Without MEL

Fred Nauer, from Thunderbird Aviation, will explain the regulation 91.213 from both a Minimum Equipment List (MEL) and non-MEL perspective. He will also explain the parts of part 43 to show what maintenance we can do as pilots.

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Saturday, November 12 | 1pm-2pm CT | Weight and Balance Terms and Definitions

Fred Nauer, from Thunderbird Aviation, will go over a weight and balance calculation and, in the process, define the terms used.

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