Saturday, March 12 | 1pm-2pm CT | Maintenance Considerations For Aircraft Idled By Winter Storage

Paul Bloch, Director of Maintenance at Thunderbird Aviation, will be showing the best techniques for getting aircraft ready for Spring flying after being in storage for the winter.

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Saturday, April 9 | 1pm-2pm CT | What to Expect for Spring/Summer Weather

Fred Nauer, from Thunderbird Aviation, will discuss weather hazards associated with spring and summer. It will include sources of weather information and definitions of the abbreviations associated with severe weather.

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Saturday, May 14 | 1pm-2pm CT | 91.185 IFR Operations: Two Way Radio Communications Failure

Fred Nauer, from Thunderbird Aviation, will break down the IFR comm out regulation to make it easier to understand. He will discuss a scenario that highlights each aspect of the process.

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Saturday, July 9 | 1pm-2pm CT | Airspace System and Special Use Airspace – Chart Symbols and Definitions

Fred Nauer, from Thunderbird Aviation, will take you on an imaginary trip across the country showing airspace chart symbols and defining what those symbols mean.

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Saturday, August 13 | 1pm-2pm CT | Maintenance Inspections Required for Aircraft and the Regulations that Necessitate Them

Fred Nauer, from Thunderbird Aviation, will take the most used acronym AVIATE that pilots use to remember what maintenance inspections are required and expand it to include what regulations necessitate them.

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Saturday, October 8 | 1pm-2pm CT | 91.213 – How to Determine Airworthiness with Inoperative Instruments or Equipment – With MEL and Without MEL

Fred Nauer, from Thunderbird Aviation, will explain the regulation 91.213 from both a Minimum Equipment List (MEL) and non-MEL perspective. He will also explain the parts of part 43 to show what maintenance we can do as pilots.

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Saturday, November 12 | 1pm-2pm CT | Weight and Balance Terms and Definitions

Fred Nauer, from Thunderbird Aviation, will go over a weight and balance calculation and, in the process, define the terms used.

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