Preventative Maintenance

Saturday, June 27 | 1PM – 3PM

Paul Bloch, our Director of Maintenance, will be walking you through exactly how to take the following precautions to keep your aircraft in top shape (and delay having to bring it in!):
  • greasing your tire bearings,
  • lubricating your flight controls,
  • changing your oil,
  • and more!

There will be time for Paul to field any questions during and at the end of the seminar – so come prepared!

The seminar is FREE – call (952) 941-1212 or email us to register and save your spot!

ForeFlight Basics

Saturday, July 18 | 1PM – 3PM

Fred Nauer, Thunderbird Aviation’s Chief Flight Instructor, will be hosting a FREE seminar on the Zoom video platform to discuss ForeFlight and everything you need to start using the program!

The seminar will cover:

  • the basics to get started using ForeFlight,
  • adding aircraft to the database to increase the accuracy of ICAO flight plan and calculations,
  • configuring the performance section for easy weight and balance calculations,
  • a Q&A session,
  • and much more!

Call (952) 941-1212 or email us to register and save your spot!