Saturday, October 9 | 1pm-2pm CT | ForeFlight Aircraft Input And VFR/IFR Flight Planning

Fred Nauer, Chief Flight Instructor at Thunderbird Aviation, will introduce you to the ForeFlight App. In addition, this Seminar will go through aircraft information entry into the ForeFlight App including setting up the Weight and Balance from the FAA database. Both VFR and IFR flight planning will be discussed, how to file, and get a standard weather briefing.

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Saturday, October 16 | 1pm-2pm CT | Getting Prepared For Winter Operations

Paul Bloch, Thunderbird Director of Maintenance, will be discussing the do it yourself projects you can do to get your aircraft ready for the cold weather. Don’t miss out on gaining in-depth knowledge on caring for your engine. Topics include:

Oil type, oil viscosity, and changing the oil
Battery care vs. usage
Tires, wheels, and brakes

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Past Seminar Recordings

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