Scenic Flights

Thunderbird-Aviation-Scenic-FlightsThunderbird Aviation has designed these popular Scenic Flights for your year-round enjoyment, and to give our customers all that Minnesota’s aerial beauty has to offer.

We are one of the largest providers of scenic flights in Minneapolis/St. Paul area and Minnesota, and have been approved by the The FAA to conduct Scenic Flights. Completion of this thorough authorization and compliance process is required to ensure safe Scenic Flight operations – something we at Thunderbird Aviation guarantee for our customers!

Around the Twin Cities

View your favorite areas of the Twin Cities during either a 60-minute or 90-minute flight, which we’ll tailor to suit your preferences. Whether you want to soar over Lake Minnetonka, skyscrape in downtown Minneapolis, or cruise by the State Capitol,  we’ll make sure the flight is a memorable one.

  • 60-minute flight
  • 90-minute flight

Lake Minnetonka

Take a flight and see Lake Minnetonka like never before. Whether it’s sailboats and water-skiers in the summer or snowmobiles and ice houses in the winter, there’s plenty to see over Lake Minnetonka. This 30-minute flight is your opportunity to see the lake from up above!

River Run

Take in the scenery of the beautiful Minnesota River Valley – which is especially breathtaking in Autumn! Choose from either 30-minute or 60-minute flights.

City Lights

You will be amazed at the sprawl of bright lights during this evening flight over the Twin Cities. Popular sights include the glittering skyscrapers of downtown Minneapolis, downtown St. Paul and the state capitol, and a flight over Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

  • 30-minute flight
  • 60-minute flight
  • 90-minute flight

Sunset Flight

See a Minnesota sunset as you never have before. This 30-minute flight will take you aloft for a panoramic view of the setting sun – right as the fading light reveals the city lights twinkling below.

See where you live!

Take a flight for a brand-new view on your familiar surroundings or any other site you have wanted to see from above. Fly over your home, neighborhood, or town from the air (within 25 miles).

  • 30-minute flight
  • 60-minute flight

Thunderbird-Aviation-Air-Tours-Photo-FlightsPhoto Flights

Need an aerial photo of your property, special event, or project?
Thunderbird Aviation can help!

For over five decades Thunderbird Aviation has been providing aerial photo services in the Twin Cities area and greater Minnesota. We’ll get your photographer to the right place for the right angle at the right price! Call us for more information.