Scenic Flights

Thunderbird-Aviation-Scenic-FlightsThunderbird Aviation is one of the largest providers of scenic flights in Minneapolis/St. Paul area and Minnesota, and have been approved by the The FAA to conduct Scenic Flights. Completion of this through their authorization and compliance process is required to ensure safe Scenic Flight operations, which is exactly what we at Thunderbird Aviation guarantee for our customers!

Around the Twin Cities

View the beautiful Twin Cities as you’ve never seen them before! This one-hour flight will have you cruising above the State Capitol, circling downtown Minneapolis, and experiencing the breadth of sights the Twin Cities have to offer.

Lake Minnetonka

The expanse of Lake Minnetonka is something you can’t truly experience until you’ve seen it from the clouds, and we make that happen for you on this one-hour flight! From sailboats and water-skiers in the summer, to ice-fishing and snowmobiles in the winter, see the abundance of activity on Lake Minnetonka from a brand-new perspective.

City Lights Night Flight

Take an evening ride and enjoy the glittering lights and glowing skyscrapers of Minneapolis and St. Paul! The sprawl of the cities is evident only from the skies, and we Thunderbird Aviation gives you that opportunity on our City Lights Night Flight.

See where you live!

We all drive to our homes and through our neighborhoods on a daily basis, but have you ever flown over them? Tell us where you live and we’ll give you a bird’s-eye view of your home that few have seen before!

Photo Flights

Need an aerial photo of your property, special event, or project? Thunderbird Aviation can help!

For over five decades Thunderbird Aviation has been providing aerial photo services in the Twin Cities area and greater Minnesota. We’ll get your photographer to the right place for the right angle at the right price! Call us for more information.